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what is the difference between regular nail polish and acrylic nail polish?

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I bought some nails at Sally Beauty and they keep cracking down the middle.  I took them back and the shop girl told me that the reason they keep cracking is because they are meant to have acylic put over them, not regular nail polish, but she could not tell me what the difference was between the two.  What kind of polish is it that is sold in the drugstores/groceries stores?  Thanks for your help in this matter!
asked in General Nail Questions by kittycatt2112  

2 Answers

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I am not sure what type of "nails" you bought at Sallys. It could have been regular nail tips (any number of styles- full, half or short coverage, white, clear or natural) or full coverage pre-decorated tips. There is the possibility the clerk was uninformed about the application methods for these tips.

There is no such thing as "acrylic nail polish". Nail polish is nail polish - acrylic is acrylic.. while it can have color like polish, it is absolutely not polish.

The tips you bought either:

1. do require an enhancement product for durability (acrylic gel or silk/fiberglass wraps to name a few)

2. were not meant to be worn for long periods of time without breakage or cracking.

More information really is needed for a proper reply, such as:

1. how did you attach/adhere the tips?

2. what is the recommended method of adhering the tips

3. does the application call for some sort of protective coating - more than nail polish which would not really protect it, just cover/decorate

4. the specific type of tip
answered by beautytech.INFO  
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Hi there!  I agree with the above answer, and would like to add that you might benefit from working with a professional nail technician to help you achieve the nails you desire. Nail technology is a pretty intense field of study, and unless you are prepared to put in the hours/days/weeks/months, you most likely won't be able to garner the information you need to DIY to your satisfaction. Please check out the Salon Locator--there should be a link on the right side of the page!
answered by KeyzKaren  

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