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I am very concerned about sanitation in the salon

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How do I know my health is being safeguarded while I get my nails, toes and hair done?
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1 Answer

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Most states in the US do NOT require sterilization, but ALL do require reuseable METAL implements to be sanitized and disinfected: wash with soap and hot water to remove any debris, soak in a hospital grade disinfectant for the required time for the product.

Most states require the now sanitized and disinfected implements be stored in a clean, dry, well marked, closed container. If sterilization is required, the sealed pouched should be opened IN FRONT of you. If the technician is using a USED/DIRTY implement or file on you, LEAVE.

Google your state's cosmetology board and read the rules or call or email to make sure if you are very concerned. Most states also have licensee look ups to see if the shop and operators are licensed, and some even show if there was any complaints.
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