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How often should I have a facial?

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2 Answers

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The answer here depends on your skin type and condition. A treatment plan will be given to you and explained at the end of your initial appointment. Most clients benefit from a professional facial every four to six weeks for deep cleansing. Acne prone skin types often require shorter intervals between appointments until the condition is cleared.
answered by beautytech.INFO  
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Skin care is a process...not an event. Teaming up with a professional who can do a good analysis, perform needed treatments and recommend good home care is what you need to effect any real changes in the tone or texture of your skin.

Good skin usully includes 4 simple stages:  thorough cleansing, occasional exfoliation, constant rehydration and protection from the sun.

An easy routine would be to apply a good enzyme-based cleanser on your face in the shower, leaving it in place while you wash your hair. Then rinse everything away. Once or twice a week, you could add the step of putting your conditioner on your hair, and then using a good fruit-enzyme scrub to exfoliate your face while your hair is being pampered. Pat your skin dry and apply a combo moisturizer/SPF and your skin is ready for the day. In the evenings, cleanse the day away and you might add a treatment serum or deep moisture cream if you need to address specific issues.

Your skin generally turns over (meaning the lower levels of cells rise to the surface) in about 4 weeks, so a monthly professional facial is a good idea.


Karen Hodges

Licensed Manicurist/Esthetician

Educator/freelance writer

Grapevine, TX
answered by KeyzKaren  

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