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Feb. 8, 2000

A News 10 Consumer Alert: Manicures could be dangerous

Beverly White

PHILADELPHIA Feb. 8 — A News 10 Consumer Alert: There’s a warning about a chemical used to beautify your nails that could be dangerous. If you get your nails done by a manicurist at a salon you should ask if the acrylic treatment contains the chemical MMA. News 10 National Correspondent Beverly White explains the possible risk.

    MILLIONS OF WOMEN rely on acrylic treatments at salons to make their nails long and strong. Many do it without questioning the chemicals behind the process. But experts say smart customers need to make sure their manicurist is not using MMA or Methyl methacrylate.
    It can result in damage to the natural nail plate.
    It adheres in such a way that when someone comes into contact with something or some trauma associated with the nail, the natural nail can break off as well as the artificial nail.
    MMA mixes with powder to form a rigid acrylic nail. Years ago, it was pronounced poisonous by the FDA. But the MMA is still used in discount salons because it’s cheaper than the safe counterpart known as EMA.
    “I use the EMA because I’m a professional,” said Paula Nissen, a manicurist. “I’m about fifteen dollars more, but it’s worth it as far as your health is concerned.”
    Customers and product experts agree that no one need suffer for a perfect set of nails.
    “For quality nails, you’re gonna have to pay a little bit more money, not a lot, but a little more for the quality that you wouldn’t get if you were worried about price only,” said Debbie Adler-Meyers, a customer.
    We want to be sure people can come into a salon and be comfortable and have a good experience,” said Eric Schwartz, of Opi Products. “If they have a bad experience with MMA they’re not gonna come back.”

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