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Q. My hairdresser and I always have a discussion about whether to cut my hair before my perm or after it. My mother always insisted her hairdresser cut the hair first. She said that by cutting the hair after the perm, they would cut the perm out. My hairdresser does what I ask, but she really doesn’t like it. What’s the right thing to do?

A. There are many people who believe that by cutting the hair following the perm service, you are cutting the perm “out” or “off”. However, if you think about it, when hair is permed, it is curled all the way to the scalp. So, yes, you would be cutting some of the “perm” off. But, if you cut before the perm, then there is potential for the stylist to either cut the hair too short, or not enough, because you cannot see the true “length” until after the perm. Also, by cutting following the perm, they are able to trim off any ends that may be frizzy from previous perms or other damage. Please try to remember that your stylist is a professional, they support their families by their work, and they strive to do the best possible for the client. 

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